Behind the Scenes

with the 

Studio 3P Team!

Many people think that photographers and models have it easy...... But it's a lot harder than the finished product makes it appear! It's part of the magic!

Especially challenging is when it's 95 in the shade, and the model is wearing a heavy outfit, or elaborate makeup, or both! If the shoot is in a busy location with onlookers, or in a difficult-to-reach venue, there are special obstacles to overcome. The location, weather and garments combine to make each shoot special. Looking at a serene park portrait, the viewer would never know that it was shot when the heat index was triple digits, or that a clouded sky background was due to bad weather rolling in suddenly. Or that moments after the shutter clicked on the last frame, the bottom fell out and rain poured down. Or that a relaxed formalwear shoot was constantly interrupted by laughing kids running along the path clutching bright blue river floats.

Here are some behind the scenes photos, taken by a second photographer, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, or even a friend with a cellphone!

And before anyone asks...... YES, that's a 4x5 view camera using real film!